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How to fight security threats?

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The Information Security research group is within the Software Engineering & Information Systems chair (Institute of Computer Science, University of Tartu). The group conducts research and teaching in the field of information security with an emphasis on secure system design and requirements engineering. The group is performing research in the fields of information system security risk management, personal data management, and privacy leakage management. The main research areas include (but not limited to) secure business process management, model-driven security, security risk management in the blockchain applications, privacy management in the intelligent transportation systems and blockchain-based applications, secure and private data analysis, and visualization for the privacy and security by design systems.


  • 28 June, 2022 -- Iqbal gave a seminar on his PhD research at the Institute of Computer Science.
  • 15 June, 2022 -- Küberinnovatsioon 2022 Tartu, Tartu, Estonia
  • 7 June, 2022 -- Matulevičius participated in Panel at the joint industry session (EMMSAD, BPMDS & KET4DF) to discuss AI, AR and governance in manufacturing and I4.0/I5.0.
  • 6 June, 2022 -- Raimundas Matulevičius has given a keynote speech on "Trustworthy Information Systems: Modelling Security, Privacy and Forensics in Business Processes" at EMMSAD & BPMDS 2022 conference (Leuven, Belgium) co-oorganised with CAiSE 2022 (slides)
  • 3.June 2022 -- Olivier Levasseur has very successfully defended his Master thesis on Model-Driven Engineering of Blockchain Oracles. Congratulations!!
  • May 2022 -- Abasi-amefon Obot Affia presents Integrating Hackathons into an Online Cybersecurity Course at the ICSE 2022, Software Engineering Education and Training.
  • 20.May 2022 -- Mari Seeba presents Method for Evaluating Information Security Level in Organisations at RCIS 2022 Forum.
  • 18.May -- InfoSec research seminar -- presentation by Martin Macak
  • 13.May -- InfoSec research seminar -- presentation by Vimal Kumar Dwivedi
  • 3-4.May 2022 -- InfoSec team participates in the general meeting of CHAISE project.
  • 2.May 2022 -- CHAISE develops blockchain technology skills, Life in Estonia Magazine, spring pp 40-41
  • 26.April 2022 -- Lukas Daubner gives a talk on Business Process Model and Notation for Forensic-Ready Software Systems (co-authors: Daubner L., Matulevičius R., Buhnova B., Pitner T.) at ENASE 2022
  • 5.April 2022 -- seminar by Prof. R. Matulevičius on Tool-supported Method for Privacy Analysis of a Business Process Model at the Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic.
  • 11.February 2022 -- seminar by Assoc. Prof. Madhusudan Singh, topic: Impact of Blockchain Technology in Autonomous Vehicles, more info
  • 21.January 2022 -- General Assembly of the SPARTA project
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