Information Security Research Group

Thesis Topics

Suggested Topics for Master/Bachelor Thesis

We are looking for motivated students who would be interested in exploring and preparing their thesis on the following areas and topics:

Transportation & Security

Healthcare & Security

Blockchain & Security

IoT Systems & Security

Compliance, Standards & Security

Security Risk Management

Previously Defended Master/Bachelor Thesis


  • Maria Pibilota Murumaa, Designing a Security Sensitive Self-assessment Framework, sup.: Seeba M., Oja T. (link), Master thesis
  • Ashfaq Hussain Ahmed, Harnessing Blockchain and Digital Twin for Security Risk Assessment in Internet of Vehicles, sup.: Iqba M., Suhail S. (link), Master thesis
  • Heikki Santeri Sipilä, Scalability Assessment in Blockchain-enabled IoT Applications, sup.: Iqbal M., Affia AAO, Russell W. F. Lai (link), Master thesis
  • Kin Long Leung, A Decentralized Public Key Infrastructure for Trust Management in X-Road, sup.: Bakhtina M., Awad A., Matulevičius R., (link), Master thesis
  • Madis Valk, Security Risk Management in Auditing Processes, Matulevičius, R. (link), Master thesis
  • Alessandro Chiarelli, Securing the Bridges Between Two Worlds: A Systematic Literature Review of Blockchain Oracles Security, sup.: Iqbal M., Matulevičius R., Fagerholm F., (link), Master thesis
  • Iwada Eja Bassey, Blockchain in Edge - Cloud Computing Continuum, sup.: Dehury Ch. K., Iqbal M., (link), Master thesis
  • Thomas Lepik, Eesti Infoturbestandardi turvameetmete rakendatuse automaatkontrolli põhimõtted, (Towards Automated Compliance Checking for Estonian Information Security Standard), sup.: M. Seeba, T. Oja (link), Tallinn University, Master thesis