Thesis topic:

Security and Privacy Methods in Intelligent Infrastructure Development: Case Study

  • Supervisor: Mariia Bakhtina
    • contact:
  • Intelligent Infrastructure (II) systems are complex socio-technical systems enabled by interconnected applications and Internet of Things (IoT). However, such complex systems are composed of numerous heterogeneous components where the borders of control over information security management are not strictly defined due to the tight interdependencies. Thus, II systems are prone to suffer from intentional and unintentional security risks and leakages of personal data.
  • Nowadays, there are a number of companies that are transforming their operations towards the usage of intelligent infrastructure systems. This research topic aims to investigate how businesses address security and privacy issues during the software development lifecycle. To reach this goal, a student should investigate which security and privacy methods are used in the company, which policies support information assurance, which security standards are influencing II systems usage, and how they have supported the transformation of the business towards reliance on the intelligent infrastructure system.
  • Pre-requisites: Potentially, you need to be in contact with the company that either develops an information system for intelligent infrastructure or operates in the domain that refers to intelligent infrastructure. The domains include e-health, smart city (e.g., Tartu Smart City), smart house, smart grids (e.g., Elektrilevi), smart farming (e.g., eAgronom) or similar.

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