Impact of Blockchain Technology in Autonomous Vehicles

Presenter: Assoc. Prof. Madhusudan Singh

Presentation slides

Abstract: Blockchain technology is breaking the traditional mechanism for data validation and facilitate a trustworthy environment creation with decentralized manner in advanced technology. As we know, Blockchain is a secure decentralized distributed ledger with inbuild smart contracts, and cryptography features. Blockchain technology can be paly vital role in autonomous vehicles in manner of security, peer to peer data transmission. The intelligent vehicles with Blockchain can create and maintain a continuously growing data transaction blocks of cryptographically secured data records against fraudulence and tamper. Blockchain can also reduce the cost of data and unpredictability of working edge devices or connecting machines. It simplifies the development of cost-effective data transaction, where anything can be tracked and exchanged, without requiring a central body. However, in near future security is big challenge for autonomous vehicles communication environment. This talk will help to discover blockchain technology solutions for autonomous vehicles and discuss how can blockchain can provide a secure trust environment for the intelligent vehicles. Where unknown vehicles can communicate and share the data with each otherís without disclosing any personal information. It includes applied scenarios for blockchain technology solutions and how they work, a use-case scenario on blockchain-based intelligent vehicle intersection, and a simulation analysis of applied blockchain technology solutions and how decisions are made.