Information Security Research Group

Thesis defended on Information Security topics


  • Levasseur, O., Model-Driven Engineering of Blockchain Oracles, sup.: Iqbal M., Matulevičius R. (link), Master thesis
  • Shamritskaya, A., Information Security Assessment in a Start-up, sup.: Seeba M., Matulevičius R. (link), Master thesis
  • Abylkassymova A., Machine Learning Method For Detecting Botnet Attacks Originated From The IoT Networks, sup.: Bahsi H., Nõmm S., Matulevičius R. (link), Master thesis
  • Aasmann K., Development of a monitoring process model and options for assessing the level of information security in local governments, sup.: Seeba M., Tallinn University, Master thesis
  • Ristioja M., OwlParser: Parsing OWL-based Blockchain Security Ontology, sup.: Iqbal M., Matulevičius R. (link), Bachelor thesis


  • Zubair M., A Blockchain Solution for Auditing of Timber-to-Charcoal Process, sup.: Iqbal M., Milani F. P. (link),
  • Olorunshe T.E., Recognition of Phishing Attacks and its Impact: A Case Study, sup.: Matulevičius R., (link), Master thesis
  • Bakhtina M., Securing Passenger's Data in Autonomous Vehicles, sup.: Matulevičius R., Seeba M. (link), Master thesis
  • Thirumalai J., An Integrated Approach for Certification and Re-certification-based on the Case Study of an Integrated Circuit, sup.: Kamm L., Seeba M., (link), Master thesis


  • Oja T. (2020): X-Road Trust Model and Technology Threat Analysis, sup.: Buldas A., Seeba M.
  • Tõnisson R. (2020): Security Risk Management in Autonomous Driving Vehicles: Architecture Perspective, sup.: Matulevičius R., Affia A. O. (link)
  • Onyinye N. A. (2020):, A Comparison of Privacy Enhancing Technologies in Internet of Vehicle Systems, sup.: Matulevičius R., Affia A. O., (link)


  • Kala K. (2019):, Refinement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Model: Administrative Fines Perspective. (link)
  • Dissanayake P.G. (2019):, A Comparison of Security Risk Analysis in the In-house IT Infrastructure and Cloud Infrastructure for the Payment Gateway System. (link)
  • Matsalu. M. (2019):, The Development of Digital Forensics Workforce Competency on the Example of Estonian Defence League. (link)
  • Padur K. (2019):, Information Security Risk Assessment in the Context of Outsourcing in a Financial Institution. (link)
  • Pure I. (2019):, An Automated Methodology for Validating Web Related Cyber Threat Intelligence by Implementing a Honeyclient. (link)
  • Seeba. M. (2019):, A Specification of Layer-Based Information Security Management System for the Issue Tracking System. (link)
  • Hassan S. M. (2019):, Classification and Prediction of Business Incidents Using Deep Learning for Anomaly Detection. (link)

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